The Woman Within - Clare Tanner
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The Woman Within


Within every woman is an energy more potent than we can describe in language. This energy is magical, divine and all-knowing and lives within us for all eternity, radiating so brightly the sun calls us her sister.

This deep chasm of wisdom and intuitive power is so strong and vibrant and pervasive, that despite our often unwitting best efforts to ignore it, it earnestly guides and protects us as we navigate life.

This woman within us will at various points in our lives sit quiet, almost invisible, whilst we go about life, perhaps disconnected or fearful or just coping with the routine and ups and downs of human life. But do not be fooled.

Whilst it may seem to us that this potency ebbs and flows and at times feels so distant, it is at these times that it is at its most intelligent, stoically grounded and anchored in the very heart of our being, absorbing all the learning that is meant for us. And for those of you that cry, “oh not me – I am the exception – I am not a real woman, I haven’t had children, I can’t hold down a relationship, I am not beautiful/intelligent/creative/successful enough as a woman (delete as appropriate). Again we say – don’t be fooled.

Our feminine power knows no limits regardless of the story we might be telling ourselves. The comparisons we might be caught up in, the sense of lack or the nagging doubt that creeps in – are no match for the woman within. That we lose sight of this is just the natural consequences of being spiritual beings having a human experience.

Our in built capacity to think, have ideas and create is the very thing that also creates the mental chatter and noise that acts as a barrier to accessing this rich, fertile space of constant transformative potential. We have the magic within us. Always.

We just need to tune in.
Turn towards her.
Make friends with her.
Listen for her whispers of wisdom.
Love her and nourish her.

Whatever our story, our circumstances or our time of life.
Embrace her.
Shine a light on her dark wounds, give a voice to her natural talents and strengths.
And let go of the barriers we create between us and our true self.

The woman within.

This is our “work”, to reconnect to what is ever present, our true feminine nature. Harnessing the natural essence of Autumn to let go of what no longer serves us and renew our relationship with the woman within.

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