One-to-One Coaching - About Clare Tanner
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As a coach, I draw upon the inspiration of nature, expanding my clients understanding of the inner workings of life and how this can be harnessed to bring clarity and ease to their whole experience of living.

I like to get to the heart of what’s at play in human terms, which for my clients creates impact in their inner world and externally.

I blend a sense of fun and creativity with the space and beauty of the Devon coast and countryside where I live.

This provides a wonderful space for my clients to expand and grow and get curious about what they want to achieve.

My impact as a coach comes from my ability to point to the truth of how life works, based on simple principles. Focusing on these principles brings a clarity and understanding for my clients that connects them to who they really are so that they experience a successful life in whatever way makes sense for them.

In terms of my background I have a degree in Business and I am a Chartered Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD).

I have trained extensively in coaching, human psychology and yoga, culminating in a unique approach that interweaves the practicalities of life and work with the spirit of our true nature as human beings.

I have applied this throughout my leadership career, holding Director positions in a range of public and private sector organisations and in my own business.

I have completed programmes with a range of leading coaching schools and continue to explore and deepen my understanding of The Three Principles philosophy which underpins my work and how I can share this with others. If you want to know more about my work in organisations and teams you can find out more at

“Clare is a person with a quiet depth and a genuine caring for people. I would love to work further with her”

“Clare has a beautiful, kind soul that is just ready to connect and help”

“Clare is inspirational, committed, genuine, passionate and most importantly listens to my needs”